Programming Grants Policy and Procedures

Programming Grants Policy and Procedures

As part of its annual budgeting, the Kraemer Family Library appropriates a pool of funds for external programming grants. These grants are awarded to UCCS programs, centers, and departments for campus programs in which the majority of the beneficiaries will be UCCS students, faculty, and staff. The purpose of these grants is to create opportunities for additional, diverse campus programs that support the goals of the Kraemer Family Library. The Kraemer Family Library recognizes that many innovative program ideas go unrealized due to insufficient funds and therefore wishes to do its part in further enhancing the learning experience at UCCS.

This document contains the policy for requesting funds. 

Process for Grant Applications

  1. Submit your request via the online grant application.
  2. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your grant request and its eligibility status. All application forms are reviewed by the Library Leadership Team. A decision will be made within 30 days of the request.
  3. Should the Library Leadership Team decide in favor of full or partial funding of your program, you will receive a final email confirming the amount of funding and outlining the process for receiving funds.

Procedures for Receiving Funds

  1. In order to receive its allocated funds, the program coordinator must contact Brad Bailey to obtain the appropriate speed type for charging expenses in an amount equal or less than the allocated amount.
  2. Backup documentation for expenses must be forwarded to the Library.

Guidelines for Program Eligibility

The following are general guidelines for the types of programs the Library will consider. These guidelines are designed to ensure the Library-sponsored programs directly benefit UCCS constituents and foster the inclusive educational and cultural environment the Library aims to promote.

Direct Benefit to UCCS Students, Faculty, and Staff

Grant applications must demonstrate that a program will provide a direct benefit to the UCCS campus and supports the overarching goal of the Library to promote an open atmosphere of scholarly inquiry where all members of UCCS and the Colorado Springs communities can pursue their intellectual endeavors.

Priority will be given to those programs that relate to intergeneration issues such as transfers of property and wealth, psychology, sociology, health and wellness, economics and business, science and engineering, education, and public policy.


The Kraemer Family Library logo is required on all publicity for Library sponsored programs and can be obtained from Brad Bailey. A digital copy of all publicity should be submitted to the Library as soon as possible.

Effective July 1, 2014