Pikes Peak Public Library District (PPLD) College Account

College Account

Pikes Peak Public Library District (PPLD) College Account

Pikes Peak Public Library (PPLD) College Account provides access to PPLD's online resources, including:

  • eBooks
  • electronic audiobooks
  • streaming music and videos
  • music downloads
  • language instruction
  • online courses 

This account will not have a physical library card and will expire on August 14th of the following year.

Getting a PPLD College Account

To sign up for a PPLD College Account, use the link below. You will be asked to login with your UCCS account and then enter your UCCS email account and choose a 4-10 digit PIN. Be sure to keep your barcode number you are assigned and remember your PIN. You will receive a confirmation email tomorrow morning that includes your barcode number and information about using your account to access PPLD's electronic resources.

Sign Up for a PPLD College Account

Once you are signed up, you can start using electronic materials by visiting PPLD's CyberShelf. To explore PPLD's databases and language tools visit their Research Room. You can also access downloadable books and audiobooks through OverDrive.

Renewing Your PPLD College Account

Each year you will need to sign up for a PPLD College Account. A new PPLD College account can be created Aug 15 or after each year you are enrolled or continue to be affiliated with UCCS.

You can also visit any PPLD library to sign up for a full privilege PPLD account. To get a full account you must have a photo ID and proof of local address. A full privilege account allows checkout of a huge variety of titles and materials in the libraries, and access to the Video and Audio Recording Studios, and Makerspaces. For further information on library services and resources visit PPLD.org

Questions or Issues?

If you have any questions or issues with this service, contact Systems and User Experience Librarian Joel Tonyan.