About the Library

Welcome to the Kraemer Family Library!

The mission of the Library is to serve you with respect and to anticipate, understand and respond to your information needs. The success of each student is paramount to the Library's services and collections.

About the Library

Library Hours

View the current operational hours for the Library and for the Reference Desk.

Staff Directory

Lists the contact information for the faculty and staff working in the Library.

Library Policies

Explains Library policies for borrowing materials, study room use guidelines, and more. 


Learn about the Library's strategic initiatives, including the Kraemer Copyright Conference, the Club Q Memorial Project, and more. 

KFL Guiding Principles

The Kraemer Family Library's guiding principles were formulated through our strategic planning process; survey data from students, faculty, and staff; and feedback from our staff and users. View our strategic plan in full, including the objectives and strategic directions for the Library's guiding principles.

KFL Guiding Principles & Objectives


Cultivate flexible, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable spaces to support the research, learning, engagement, and belonging of our users.

Organizational Excellence & Inclusivity

Designs and implements processes, structures and experiences to support library, employee, and community needs while creating an agile and inclusive organization.


Expand our instructional program to support students’ success by building information literacy skills to support their academic and lifelong learning.


Develop the skills and services needed to support original research and creative excellence.


Offer access to the widest possible range of digital materials and curate physical collections that are responsive to our users’ academic and personal growth needs.


Provide effective library technology services to improve the user experience of teaching, learning, and research.