Faculty Publication: Susan Vandagriff, Library

Faculty Publication: Susan Vandagriff, Library

Susan Vandagriff


Cirino, Mark & Vandagriff, Susan. (2021). Reading Hemingway's Winner Take Nothing: Glossary and Commentary. The Kent State University Press.

Book's Description

Written in 1933 and one of Hemingway's lesser-known books, Winner Take Nothing was his third and final collection of short stories. These stories are about loners and losers and misfits and ne'er-do-wells. Its characters are ill, tortured, maligned, and frustrated by Hemingway's world. Like the characters it depicts, Winner Take Nothing is likewise a misfit in Hemingway's career, a volume of short stories that, as of this writing, is not even in print. Its more popular predecessors, In Our Time (1925) and Men without Women (1927),are held up as iconic collections in the American short story tradition. The grotesqueries of these 14 stories are outcasts in Hemingway's corpus and have been neglected virtually from the beginning. Editors Cirino and Vandagriff recover an underrated work that still reflects contemporary concerns.

Through line-by-line annotations and accompanying commentary, this book weaves together the biographical, historical, and cultural threads of one of Hemingway's more overlooked works, thus providing much needed guidance for Hemingway scholars and general readers alike.