Google Scholar and Other Web Search Engines

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Google Scholar and Other Web Search Engines

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the more academic side of Google. Google Scholar searches for: journal articles, bookspresentationsresearch published in institutional repositories, and citations. If you are researching off campus, you will need to set up your search preferences in order to access the Library's electronic resources. 

Setting Search Preferences in Google Scholar

If you use Google Scholar for research, you will first need to configure your Library Links in Google Scholar's Preferences.

  1. Searching the Library Links for University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and Open WorldCat.
  2. Click Save Preferences.

​After configuring your Library Links in Preferences, you will have access to the library's electronic resources off campus.

General Web Search Engines

There are several major web search engines, such as GoogleBing, or Yahoo!, that provide easy access to the web. However, we generally do not recommend these search engines to find scholarly resources such as journal articles. Instead, use Google Scholar which focuses on scholarly resources.