Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy

The Kraemer Family Library provides access to the Internet to support teaching, learning, discovery, research and the generation of new knowledge. Internet resources provide information that can enhance and support these core activities for members of the academic community both on and off-campus.

Internet resources supplement and complement the collections of the library. The library provides assistance, guidance, and instructional services on the use of Internet resources because of the complex systems necessary to retrieve the information and the possible inaccuracy and incompleteness of the resources themselves. The library is not responsible for the content of any Internet information accessed on library workstations. We make no warranties of sponsorship or endorsements of any kind, whether expressed or implied, with respect to Internet information accessed on library workstations. It is the responsibility of the user to determine the accuracy and authenticity of Internet resources.

The Kraemer Family Library neither restricts access to Internet resources nor protects library users from information obtained through the Internet. As with all other library resources, parents or legal guardians are responsible for the use that minor children may make of Internet resources accessed through workstations in the library.

Use of this technology is a privilege and requires that individuals act responsibly. Failure to comply with the guidelines in this policy may result in the loss of the right to use the computers in the library. Library computer use is subject to monitoring.

  • Use of library computers for purposes that violate U.S. or state law is prohibited, including copyright laws.
  • Violating database licensing restrictions is not allowed.
  • During periods of high demand, library staff may impose time limits on computer use in an attempt to provide equitable access to resources.
  • Use of computers by the general community is allowed but priority will be given to UCCS students, staff and faculty.
  • Use of computers for email is not prohibited, but patrons using a computer for library research purposes have a higher priority.

This policy is supplemented by the University and Campus policies available at UCCS as well as the CU System wide policy statement on Providing and Using Information Technology.