Library Instruction Room (EPC 237) Usage Policy and Procedures

Library Instruction Room (EPC 237) Usage Policy and Procedures

EPC 237 is a small computer lab located in the Kraemer Family Library on the 2nd level of El Pomar Center. It contains twenty computer workstations, a podium with a laptop, and four tablet chairs to accommodate laptop users. The maximum recommended class size is 25 people including the instructor. The primary purpose of the lab is for course- integrated library instruction, library workshops, and library staff training. Course-integrated instruction for the UCCS Writing Program takes precedence over all other instruction requests and reservations. The lab may not be used as a primary location for any course.

Scheduling of the lab is prioritized as follows:

  1. Writing Program courses to include ENGL 1410, TCID 2080, and TCID 2090.
  2. Course-integrated library instruction in all disciplines at UCCS.
  3. Library based workshops and orientations.
  4. Library staff workshops and trainings including webinars.
  5. Other departments on campus may request the lab for meetings or workshops by contacting Norah Mazel


Lab is imaged with OIT software (Open Lab w/No modifications). The Library cannot accommodate requests for specialty or temporary software on the computers.

Peak Use Times and Bumping Rights

Typically, during the first eight weeks of the fall and spring semesters, library instruction is at its peak. During these times, access to the lab will be closely monitored in order to accommodate these activities.

When the room is needed for course-specific library instruction, those who have reserved it for activities 3, 4, and 5 may be asked to relocate to EPC 239 or to another location.