Reconsideration Policy

Reconsideration Policy

Reconsideration Policy

Policy Statement

The Kraemer Family Library of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) encourages and respects diversity within the library collection by upholding and promoting the American Library Association's position on intellectual freedom as set forth in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement. All collection materials are selected in accordance with the Kraemer Family Library Collection Development Policy.  

The library makes best efforts to provide the information services and resources required to meet the needs of all education programs and concerns of UCCS. It is the library's responsibility to ensure that different points of view are represented in the collection. UCCS students, staff, faculty and community borrowers may request reconsideration of materials currently in the library collection, and they may also request that additional materials be purchased to offer alternative perspectives in a subject area.  

Prior to submitting a request for reconsideration of any library material, it is expected that the material will have been read or viewed by the individual making the request. Material will not be removed from the collection while a request for reconsideration is being evaluated.   Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.  


To request reconsideration of an item currently in the collection, please complete the Reconsideration Form (see below) or complete a print form, which can be picked up at the circulation desk. Upon receipt of a request for reconsideration, a review committee consisting of the Director of Collections Management, the appropriate subject librarian, and a member of the Library Advisory committee will meet to review the completed reconsideration form and to re-evaluate the material in question. If the Director of Collections Management is the appropriate subject librarian, then the third member of the review committee will be the Associate Dean of the Library. They will submit a written recommendation to the Dean of the Library within 15 business days of the challenge. The Dean of the Library will make a final decision regarding the material in question and will provide a written response to the challenger within 15 business days of the committee decision.

(adopted 1/17/2017)