Kraemer Family Library Strategic Directions

Strategic Directions

Kraemer Family Library Strategic Directions

At the close of the Library's 2020 Strategic Plan, the Library adopted a new approach to strategic planning. Rather than develop a plan with a specific expiration date, the Library will use a process of continuous assessment and revision to update and refine its strategic directions. This process will be facilitated by the Strategic Planning sub-team of the Library's Assessment Team.

Mission Statement

The Kraemer Family Library fosters the intellectual growth of UCCS students, faculty, staff, and our community by developing innovative services, technologies, collections, and spaces that facilitate their emerging information needs.

Strategic Directions

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Position the library as an integral part of campus culture and life.

  • Communicate the significance of the Library to the campus community by sharing the Library's Values and marketing the Library's services.
  • Form and maintain partnerships with other units on campus, the CU system, and community to advance our shared values.
  • Be a programming hub for library-sponsored events as well as hosting other events.
  • Advance campus equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts through implementation of theĀ Library's Diversity Plan.
  • Support sustainability efforts and education in the library, on campus, and in the community through implementation of the Library's Sustainability Plan.

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Take an active role throughout the entire research process.

  • Expand the information literacy program to address the information needs of underserved student populations.
  • Develop educational opportunities related to the research process and work with other campus units when appropriate.
  • Increase support for faculty participating in the scholarly communication process.
  • As a host and promoter of content originally created at UCCS, support the publication and dissemination of research and creative works.

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Maximize the Library's physical presence through effective use of space and technology.

  • Repurpose public space based on user input and space assessment.
  • Assess service points for effectiveness and explore alternative service models.
  • Audit non-public space use for workflow and efficiency.
  • Evaluate public-facing technologies for enhancement of user experience.
  • Upgrade the Library's infrastructure.

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Enhance and further integrate the library's online presence.

  • Educate all users, including library staff, on the full range of online resources available through the library.
  • Provide a positive user experience on core library web presences.
  • Optimize the library catalog and discovery layer for improved discoverability.
  • Increase online instruction offerings and capabilities.
  • Communicate the importance of accessible interfaces to library vendors.

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Sustain a culture of assessment.

  • Create a systematic method for evaluating the Library's collections.
  • Implement departmental assessment strategies and practices across the Library.
  • Continue Library survey initiatives.
  • Assess strategic directions, core services, and campus commitments to determine future priorities.

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Create an affirming workplace environment.

  • Make the Library a place where people want to work.
  • Create an effective program of professional development for all Library staff, including the necessary technology skills.
  • Continue to improve and enhance communication within the Library.
  • Strive for an equitable balance of service commitments individually and across the Library.
  • Promote accountability through evaluation processes such as peer review and bi-directional methods.
  • Continue to improve morale and encourage empowerment of Library staff at all levels.

Latest Update: 19 November 2019

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