Library Removing Low-Use Bound Serials from Collection

Library Removing Low-Use Bound Serials from Collection

photograph of bound periodicals


The Kraemer Family Library is removing low-use bound periodicals from our collection this summer. Read on to learn more about this project and to provide feedback. 

Background on the Project

Starting in 2016, the library began a phased removal of print journals that were accessible online. To free additional space for library priorities, we are additionally removing low-use materials where access will be available via interlibrary loan.

How did you select the bound journals for withdrawal or retention?

Many of the titles currently being used are available in the library’s subscribed collections or have been digitized and made freely available online. For titles that are not available online, we have confirmed in the Prospector catalog that there are other libraries holding the materials. We consulted usage statistics to ensure titles with significant use were retained. We also surveyed KFL librarians and UCCS faculty and staff, marking for retention titles and types of materials upon request.

What happens to the bound journals that are removed from the collection?

Before journals are withdrawn the library offers these books to other academic libraries.

While we offer our withdrawn books to Thrift Books, bound journals do not have resale value and are thus not accepted by Thrift Books or similar organizations.

The library also tries whenever possible to recycle our withdrawn books. We work in collaboration with the UCCS Copy Center to have their spines removed so the paper from these books can then be recycled. However, due to various factors, recycling is not an option for these volumes. Our library has a strong commitment to sustainability, so we are currently researching other ways to offset this environmental impact including the purchase and planting of trees.

When will the project be complete?

The library has elected to undertake this project during the summer to minimize the impact on students studying in the popular spaces around the bound periodicals collection. The project is planned for completion before classes resume in the fall.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

If you have questions or concerns about this project, you can use this form.