UCCS Faculty and Staff Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing Privileges

UCCS Faculty and Staff Borrowing Privileges

Faculty and staff must have a UCCS Faculty/Staff ID card to check out materials. Please see the Loan Periods Chart for check out periods for UCCS Faculty and Staff. Most items can be renewed three times unless the item is requested by another library user.

Recalling Items
Faculty and staff check outs are recalled after 6 weeks if requested by another patron. One week is given for the return of the item. The faculty or staff member may request that the book be returned to them after use by the other patron.

Overdue & Lost Item Fees
Faculty and staff are not charged overdue fines. Faculty and staff are billed for lost materials. Items which have been overdue for over 3 months are considered lost. They are billed at the standard replacement charge or the cost of the item, whichever is higher.

Loss of Circulation Privileges
Failure to pay for books declared lost after several notices will result in the loss of circulation privileges, and, in keeping with University billing procedures, bills will be referred to a collection agency.

Library Card for Faculty Spouses

Spouses of full-time faculty can opt to receive a special borrower's card from the library that will grant them more privileges similar to a UCCS student.

Obtaining a Library Card for Faculty Spouse

If your spouse is interested in obtaining a card, please refer him/her to the Circulation Desk. You can call the Circulation Desk at 719-255-3295 to start this process.

  • The card may be picked up at the circulation desk and is good for one year.
  • Your spouse will be responsible for any items checked out, as well as overdue fines or lost book charges. The check out period will be equivalent to a CU Undergraduate student. Please see the Loan Periods Chart for check out periods for CU Undergraduate students.

If you (the faculty member) leave the University, the card will no longer be valid.

Others Options for Faculty Spouses

Additional ways spouses of CU faculty can check out books, are:

  • Using a public library card with a Colorado Library Card sticker or emblem.
  • Become an Authorized Borrower for that faculty member.

Library Card for Faculty Research Assistant

UCCS faculty and staff may request to have a Research Assistant account established for students who are conducting research for them and need to check-out and/or request KFL and Prospector items on their behalf.

Research Assistants must present both their Research Assistant Library Card and a valid picture ID (e.g. a UCCS ID card, driver's license, passport, military ID) when picking up items or requesting items under a Research Assistant accounts. Under no circumstances are patrons allowed to check-out items without presenting a valid picture ID.

Obtaining a Library Card for Research Assistant

  1. Faculty members wishing to establish a Research Assistant account must complete the Research Assistant Request Form.
  2. Both the faculty member and the designated research assistant must be present when submitting the form at the Library's Main Circulation Desk.
  3. Research Assistant cards will expire at the end of the semester, and a new request must be made each semester.

Please note that:

  • The authorizing faculty/staff member is responsible for all items checked-out to the Research Assistant account. This includes paying any lost/damaged books charges incurred on the account.
  • All borrowing privileges including circulation periods will be the same as for faculty checkouts.
  • Research Assistant accounts are intended to be used for individuals performing work on your behalf and are not for personal use.