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Course Reserve Information for Students

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Course Reserves?
Course Reserves are items selected by faculty for their class to use during a specific semester. They include books, textbooks, films, sound recording, articles, and maps.

How do I find out what items are on Course Reserves for my class? 
You can search for Course Reserves by using the Course Reserves Search. You can search by your class number (start with the department abbreviation, e.g., CHEM 3310 or Hist 1030) or your instructor's last name. 

Does Course Reserves include all required textbooks? 

The library acquires some of the required textbooks. Some faculty request to place a copy of the course textbook on Course Reserve, and others do not. If the required book is not available in Course Reserves, you can contact your faculty and ask them and request the library to add the item. If they have any questions, let them know that they can contact the library at or 719-255-3295. 

Who can I ask for help with Course Reserves? 

We recommend you to start by letting your faculty teaching the course regarding any issue. You are also welcome to contact the Kraemer Family Library Circulation Desk at or 719-255-3295.