Archives Display: Shakespeare, UCCS and Theatreworks

Archives Display: Shakespeare, UCCS and Theatreworks

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To quote Murray Ross – and who else would you quote about Shakespeare at UCCS? – “Bardolatry was a name given to the excessive love of Shakespeare (his great contemporary and rival, Ben Jonson, said he loved him “this side of idolatry”). But if God does not exist in Shakespeare, then where on earth is He?  I have sometimes seriously maintained that the theatre, which twice grew out of religion in western history, was actually an improvement on religion, an evolution rather than a dilution.  Certainly Shakespeare seems to contain as much energy of the known universe as anything made mostly of words.  His the big bang; he’s the bomb.”

At least forty-two productions of Shakespeare’s plays (plus The Complete Works of William Shakespeare) have been mounted by UCCS theater groups and Theatreworks since 1976.  The Summer Archives display features a play from each genre and decade.

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