Faculty Publication: Catherine Simmons, Spa

Faculty Publication: Catherine Simmons, Spa



Simmons, Catherine A. and Joy A. Clay. 2019. "Sexual Assault Information Posted on College and University Websites: Size and Setting Matter.Violence Against Women 25 (10): 1191-1210.

Article's Abstract

To better understand what and how institutions of higher education (IHEs) communicate information about sexual assault (SA) on their websites, the current cross-sectional descriptive exploratory study analyzed a stratified sample representing 15% of the IHE websites in the United States. Findings show the availability, location, and type of SA information posted on IHE websites differ based on student population and residential character. Large and primarily residential schools are more likely to include SA information, across multiple pages, with a wider informational span than other categories. However, informational gaps are apparent across all websites. Implications for policy and practice are highlighted.