Faculty Publication: Deborah Kenny, Nursing Department

Faculty Publication: Deborah Kenny, Nursing Department

Deborah Kenny


Kenny, Deborah J. and L. H. Yoder. 2019. "A Picture of the Older Homeless Female Veteran: A Qualitative, Case Study Analysis.Archives of Psychiatric Nursing.

Article's Abstract


Homelessness among female veterans is increasing and expected to rise further as more women enter the military. Very few studies qualitatively describe female homeless veterans’ needs from their own perspective.


Homeless female veterans’ perceptions of their homelessness and what they believe is needed for independence and self-sustenance was examined.


OA qualitative interpretive interview design was used and findings are reported as a case study.


A definitive picture emerged of a homeless female veteran, bounded by several factors they all had in common including age, family upheaval, mental health diagnoses, substance abuse, trauma, and need for information and networking.