Faculty Publication: Peggy Beranek, College of Business

Faculty Publication: Peggy Beranek, College of Business

Peggy Beranek


Zahller, Kimberly A., and Margaret Beranek. 2017. "BabyFreedom: Stakeholders, Strategy, and Qualitative Analysis.Strategic Finance 99(2):70-77.

Article's Abstract

Based in Austin, Texas, BabyFreedom produces a line of organic-certified clothing for infants and children. The company founder and president, Jennifer Thurman, started making the clothing when her niece was born with extreme sensitivity to the chemicals and dyes used in commercial children's clothing. The organic clothing led to dramatic improvements in her niece's condition. Jennifer then began to receive requests for her clothing from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the local children's hospital and from parents referred by her niece's pediatrician. As these requests increased, Jennifer rented a small office and production area in a commercial park, hired her first employees, and started commercial production of the clothing. Within two years, a full-time accountant and controller, an operations manager, and a marketing and sales manager were hired.