Just Talk (After): Bill T. Jones Performance

Tue, 10/16/2018
07:00 PM

Schockley-Zalabak Theater, ENT Center for the Arts

just talk after Bill Jones Performance

Join us for a discussion immediately after the performance.

A Letter to My Nephew is an intimate, impressionistic collage for nine dancers, setting a portrait of Jones’s beloved nephew Lance T. Briggs—a talented dancer who struggled with illness and addiction—against the political landscape of the present. This dramatic work is an evocative and moving composition of imagery, movement, and sound. Featuring Janet Wong’s haunting projections, composer Nick Hallett’s delirious score, and live performance by baritone Matthew Gamble and Hallett, Jones’ cultural critique is rewritten for the time and place of every performance, flashing by each night like a feverish hour of the evening news.