Research Services for Faculty

Research Services

Research Services for Faculty

The Kraemer Family Library's mission is to provide information services, sources, and instructional support services that are essential to the teaching, research, and service mission of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

The Library supports faculty research by purchasing research materials in most disciplines, particularly for those that support graduate programs. Funds that come to the Library from faculty research grants (ICR) are targeted for research materials in the discipline generating the funds. The Library is diligent about forming partnerships with other institutions in order to increase the availability of research resources.

Current Awareness Service

Many of the resources currently available are full-text electronic journal collections such as ScienceDirect, Springer, Wiley Interscience, JSTOR, Scopus, Project Muse, and PsycArticles. Electronic resources often have an alert capability that assists the researcher in keeping informed of new publications. To use these alert services, contact your subject librarian.

Services for Faculty

In addition to collections and research materials, the Library provides services that support the campus' research mission. Reference and research assistance is available as is instruction in the use of bibliographic resources, both electronic and print. Interlibrary loan services are available to assist in obtaining research materials not owned by the library. Research materials are acquired from libraries all over the world in a timely manner. Prospector, a combined catalog of many Colorado libraries, provides easy and quick identification and delivery (72 hours) of materials in the major research collections in Colorado.

For questions, please contact your subject librarian.