Requesting Items for the Library's Collection

Requesting Items

Requesting Items for the Library's Collection

As faculty members, you can request items for the Library's collection. These requests can be for books, DVDS and more that can help support your classes, your research or you feel would enhance the Library's collection. 

Making a Request

The fastest way to request items is to contact your subject librarian. If you're not sure who that person is, feel free to contact the Reference Desk with your request. You can also place a request online with the Suggest a Title for Purchase form. Your request will be sent to the librarian in your subject area.

Materials Requests Policy and Procedure


The subject librarian assigned to each subject area is responsible for the overall analysis of the collection, and for the identification of topics or aspects of the collection needing further development. He/she is also responsible for the expenditure of the library fund for that subject area. Within the general restrictions of budget and collection needs, the librarian has the final responsibility for determining which items are purchased for the collection. Each librarian depends heavily on faculty recommendations, requests, and guidance in selecting materials.

Historically, library material needs and requests have exceeded the resources available. To ensure that dollars are distributed equitably, the budget for books and non-serial materials is allocated by a formula, developed with the assistance of the Library Advisory Committee. The formula is based on use or need as determined by course enrollment, number of faculty, and degree level; and is modified by publication base and average unit cost per subject. Your liaison librarian will be happy to discuss the formula and allocation for your subject with you.

Procedures for Requesting Items

Books, Videos, and Other Non-Serial Requests
All new book publications are purchased from subject funds. Your liaison librarian will forward to you information on new publications in the form of publishers brochures, computer-produced order forms, book reviews etc. which may be used in requesting materials. Orders for books, videos, audio-visual materials, and other non-serial publications may be submitted to your liaison librarian via e-mail, or on marked forms or brochures.

Faculty may also request the library to purchase a specific streaming video if the option is available. Email your liaison librarian with the name of the film and your preference for a streaming version.

Journals and Serials
For the past few years, inflation in subscription costs for journals and serials has exceeded the annual increases to the library's materials budget; therefore, there are no new funds available for adding new print journals to the collection. Interlibrary loan document delivery services are available to obtain articles from journals we do not currently own. Through cooperative arrangements with other CU and Colorado libraries, the Library has added significant collections of electronic full-text journals over the past few years. Not sure what the Library has? You can browse or search our journal collection at Print and Electronic Journals Holdings.

Grant Requests

Limited increases in the library's materials budget over the past few years have prevented the Library from keeping pace with research needs. The library encourages faculty to consider incorporating funds for library materials and electronic services in research grant proposals. Your liaison librarian will be happy to help you identify costs and availability of collections that might be helpful in your research, or answer questions concerning licensing agreements for electronic resources.